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E.H.S System Ethical Commitment

E.H.S System Ethical Commitment

E.H.S System

We practice the concept of sustainable development and actively undertake the responsibility of environmental protection. We adopt the industrial advanced technology to achieve higher product yield and less waste discharge. At the same time, nearly 20 million RMB has been invested in the facilities for waste water treatment, waste gas treatment and hazardous waste storage.

Wastewater Treatment

More than 12 million RMB was invested to build a sewage treatment facility with a daily treatment capacity of 2,000 tons.The sewage discharge conforms to the three-level standard of comprehensive Sewage Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996) and requirement of industrial park sewage treatment standard.

Emission Control

More than 5 million RMB has been invested to build a gas absorption device.Our plant's waste gas meets the second-level standards in Table 2 of Comprehensive Emission Standard for Air Pollutants (GB16297-1996). The unorganized gas meets Comprehensive Emission Standard for Atmospheric Pollutants (GB16297-1996) and Emission Standard for Malodorous Pollutants (GB14554-93). 

Waste management

We spend more than 3 million RMB building a solid waste storage warehouse that meets the national standards. Therefore the waste can be stored separately and managed in strict accordance with the requirements of the environmental protection department. 

Saving Energy

We vigorously carry out the renovation of advanced technology and energy saving projects, and actively promotes the energy saving projects of water, electricity and steam and waste recycling projects. We actively create "energy-saving enterprise", optimize the production process, adjust operating parameters and reduce energy consumption based on product R&D and engineering and technological transformation. We will vigorously develop the concept of circular economy, recycle and reuse waste and develop a number of new projects to turn waste into treasure. 

While seeking development, we always abide by relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection, implement various pollution prevention and control measures, control pollutant discharge, achieve stable emission up to standard and adhere to sustainable development.



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