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Technical Support Logistics Service Sales Network

Technical Support Logistics Service Sales Network

Technical Support

Product development support

MFCI adheres to the core concept of forward-looking innovation and value creation, and carefully understands the challenges that customers encounter from launching new products to business needs.

The R&D center is equipped with cutting-edge test equipment, instruments and trial production lines to shorten the time required for laboratory sample testing and trial production testing. Use digital technology to collect and integrate quality system data for statistics, evaluation and planning analysis, and strive to provide customers with sustainable guidance.

Sunscreen formula support

The fully functional sunscreen application formulation laboratory is equipped with high-end efficacy testing equipment such as UV-2000S ultraviolet transmittance analyzer and xenon lamp artificial accelerated aging box. A technical team of more than 10 senior R&D engineers is committed to providing customers with sun protection application solutions.
Formulation support services:
  • Performance test of sunscreen ingredients
  • Technical support for sunscreen formulas
  • Sunscreen formula support
  • Proofing semi-finished sunscreen products
  • SPF value test


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