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R&D Innovation Reaction Type Intellectual Property

R&D Innovation Reaction Type Intellectual Property

R&D Innovation

Innovation team

MFCI R&D center mainly carries out technological innovation around the business fields of UV absorbers,undertakes the research and development of new products and new technologies, improves the process performance of existing products, and provides technical support for products sales services.


The R&D center has a professional technical team which is lead by 1 academician, 4 professors, 3 senior engineers, and 12 masters, together with stable external experts in scientific research institutes, covering synthetic research, application development, engineering and industrialization, and providing strong talent support for technological innovation.

R&D investment

R&D innovation is the core driving force for the sustainable development.Over the years,MFCI attaches great importance to R&D investment, and 5% of revenue being invested on it annually. Driven by customer needs and technological innovation, MFCI focuses on the long-term value of customers, insists on technical reserves and R&D of "fist products", and achieves breakthroughs in key technologies and core technologies.

R&D equipment

MFCI owns 1000m2 R&D center, and is equipped with advanced technical equipment and R&D facilities for lab scale, pilot, quality inspection and analysis, provides a strong foundational guarantee for R&D and innovation activities.

Innovation platform

MFCI has set up the provincial enterprise technology center and engineering technology research center for UV absorbers, to strengthen and improve the operation mode of R&D platforms, optimize R&D management processes, and enhance technological innovation capabilities.

Industrial-academic-research cooperation

MFCI has always focused on long-term cooperation with universities,and has successively carried out industrial-academic-research cooperation with Wuhan University、Zhejiang University of Technology、Hubei Normal University and Hubei Polytechnic University, relying on their advantages in basic research and professional team.

Innovation achievements

MFCI actively develops advanced technology and products in the field of UV absorbers, and forms the international advanced technology from monomer synthesis, formulation development to product application.By the end of 2019, MFCI has obtained 28 patents which includes 23 invention patents, and also won 9 awards for scientific and technological advancement.


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