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About MFCI

About MFCI

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Excellent quality

We are committed to serving our customers with one-stop quality products and continuously improving quality management to meet or exceed customer expectations.

A set of perfect standards and management process has been formed to effectively ensure the quality of products from selection of suppliers, raw material inspection, production process monitoring and finished product testing. Currently, our ongoing GMP system meets the requirements of ICHQ7a. More than eight on-site audits from MNCs as well as SGS, Intertek, and we passed them all. To ensure the continuous improvement of GMP system through professional supplier review, we have two strict internal audits every year and annual customer opinion survey.

At the same time, given the growing emphasis on safety and reliability, MFCI, as a leading manufacturer of UV absorber, has taken the initiative to add traceability features to products or their labels to increase customers' trust in the MFCI brand.


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